Matt Chrabot | Professional Triathlete


My Triathlon Story

I started swimming at an early age, but didn’t take it seriously until high school. Head coach Peter Ward gave me an opportunity to prove myself to swim for George Mason University. I wasn’t even close to being one of the best, but my work ethic and team leadership made up for any lost talent.

During the summers I participated in beach lifesaving competitions for Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service. My favorite event quickly became the Run-Swim-Run. Turns out I was one of the few swimmers who can physically run OK. I began running more especially if I missed morning swim sessions to surf when the swells were rolling in.

I read Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About the Bike” while a sophomore in college and decided I’d like to take up cycling. With the help of some friends, I found a cheap road bike, got my hands on some gear, and started cycling in 2003. Since I already had the swim down, I signed up for the Breezy Point and Sandman Triathlons that summer as well.

I joined the road cycling team at Mason and ended up racing during the spring my last two years.

I wasn’t good enough to be noticed by the talent scouts at USA Triathlon. No phone calls, emails, or anything. My swim times were OK and run was mediocre at best. I basically kept knocking on the door and would make sure I had the race of my life when ever I had the opportunity to race.

In the early years, I desperately wanted to be part of the National Team program. For years, I would point out my results especially when I beat the members of the USAT teams I was trying to get on. Even after a few decent results, I had to go back and continually prove myself again. I finally got a break when I won Elite Nationals in 2009 and got on the National Team.

I relentlessly worked my way up the ladder. Competing in ITU World Cups and the ITU World Triathlon Series from 2009 to 2013. Five world cup medals and multiple top 10 and two top 5 finishes in the WTS series with my highest world ranking of 12th at the end of the 2010 season

After being the USA London Olympic Team Alternate in 2012, I shifted into long course and Ironman triathlons midway through 2013.


Years in Triathlon: First race in 2003, Pro since 2006

Education: Business Management, BS. George Mason University

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Currently living in: Colorado Springs, CO

Favorite Foods: Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

Favorite Race: Escape from Alcatraz or anything hot.

Favorite workout: Long runs during a cold, wet, and windy day.

Proudest moment: Running down the field in 2011 Huatulco World Cup after a bike crash and losing my water bottles.

Personal Bests:

400IM – 4:06 (yds)

500 free – 4:49 (yds)

Half Marathon – 1:08:43

Resting Heart Rate – 34

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