Making Every Day Count
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2012 has been off to a good start, nothing too exciting has been going on.  I am just getting my training dialed in and making every day count rather than counting down the days for ITU WCS in San Diego…AKA US Olympic Trials.

So far things are moving along as planned. I headed back to Colorado Springs for a few days and then was lucky to travel out to San Diego for a tough day at the office doing a photo-shoot with Jarrod Shoemaker for Inside Triathlon. I stayed around for a couple extra days of (sunshine) and training and linked up with Virginia Beach tri-guy Mac Brown who was gracious enough to let me crash at his place and show me some of the good training routes.  I went on the Wednesday morning ride through Camp Pendelton.  I was surprised to see the level of talent on that ride, or should I say race-ride.

After that, it was off to Santa Cruz, where I have been training for most of the month with Bevan Docherty, Tommy Zaferes, and Paul Matthews.  Its nice to have a solid , reliable crew to train with and Santa Cruz has been a healthy change of pace from what I am used to dealing with in the winter months in CO Springs.  We all expect each other to show up to workouts on time and ready to roll.  No dilly dallying.  Swims start at 6:30AM and we go to about 4PM each day.  Swims are in a 25m pool at Cabrillo College, rides are either on Pacific Highway 1 or through redwood forests in the area.  Runs are either through the redwoods forests like Pogonip, Nisene, or Wilder Ranch. Bevan linked me up with an awesome homestay, Johann Schimmel, from the Santa Cruz Triathlon Club.  He has been more than a gracious host and I cannot thank him enough for his hospitality.  He has a cute little home in the Seabright neighborhood and I’m walking distance to the ocean. Sometimes I’ll finish a run on the soft sand then jump in the 50 degree water for an ice bath…just as long as the shore break isn’t too big.  I’ll stick around in Santa Cruz until February 20th, then fly back to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs so I can freeze my ass off before racing The Draft Legal Challenge in Clermont, FL on March 3rd.


Right now I’m passively searching for a new home training base.  I’m over training full-time at altitude in Colorado Springs and I have pretty much narrowed down my options to Santa Cruz or the San Diego area.  Both cities have airports near by, great year-round training… not too hot or cold, high quality training routes, and fast people to train with.  I am looking forward to good things to come in the months ahead and my first race of the season!

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