Plans for 2012
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I decided to change things up a bit this year and head to Santa Cruz for some warmer training weather this winter and I will be out there for the first part of the year.  Looking forward to some solid training and having the beach nearby.

I  finally have my 2012 Race Calendar written out on paper and here it is as of now:

3/12 The Clermont Draft Legal Challenge (Clermont, FL)

4/14 Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

5/12 ITU World Triathlon San Diego (San Diego, CA)

The ITU WTS San Diego race is my next chance to qualify for the Olympic Team, and its outcome will dictate the rest of my season.  Its going to be a good 2012!

Here is an old picture I found from VaDu in 2003(?) of me and VB local stud Billy Edwards.  I’ve come a long way since then…. Good times.

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