Austin Half Marathon; 1:10:22
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Recently, I decided to make an effort to “step up” as “they” tend to call it, and run a half marathon. I flew down to Austin, Texas to test out my running legs to RACE my first ever Half Marathon. I ran the Virginia Beach Rock and roll Half Marathon back in 2003 under my friend Tim Norton’s name and ran somewhere in the 1:50 range…

I flew into Austin to do the half as just a gauge to see where my fitness is at for this time of the season. As an ITU triathlete where the races are won with the fastest run times, a half marathon is a great way to see what I’m able to hold at around a tempo run effort.

This wasn’t used as a test for an Ironman 70.3 effort. It’s been a week since I raced and am finally fully recovered. My legs hurt so bad afterward. I could barely walk at all. I don’t know if I can hurt that long in a 70.3. Maybe in Clearwater…since it’s practically draft legal and I wouldn’t have to work that hard on the bike…

The Race
If you’re ever thinking of running Austin, expecting to run fast you’ll be in for a surprise. It’s very hilly. There’s some nice rollers in the first 10K, which is how I took it out in 32:15, but shortly after that there are these short, small, steep hills that totally zap you away from your rhythm.
At 10 Miles I came through in about 53:00. I wanted to throw the towel in at this point. My legs were beginning to cramp bad and all the Tex Mex started to catch up to me. I think my 12th mile split was around 6:00 or something. The last little bit is down hill right past the capital.

Kudos to David Fuentes for sticking it to me. We came through 10Km together then he put two minutes in me by the finish.

Pain is a good thing sometimes, it says you’re still in the game and haven’t given up.

Up next: Miami International Triathlon; March 15th.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great job in austin. i was the bike lead for you and though you ran a really hard race. i agree you looked like you were hurting near the end and that monster hill you have to climb at mile 11ish was rough even for me on a bike. good luck this season!

    -todde withycombe

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