Up next: Chicago Triathlon
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I’ll be heading to the windy in just a few hours for the Chicago Triathlon. This will be my second time racing in the Windy City. I competed back in 2007. Conditions were hot and racing with only one water bottle was a mistake. I ran out about half way through the bike and didn’t feel comfortably hydrated until about 1 mile to go on the run. I just kept chugging water at all the aid stations until I felt better. Didn’t even crack the top 10!

This year I’ll be much more prepared and from what I’m seeing in the forecasts, the highs for Sunday will barely crack into the 70s. Conditions should be super fast.

As always the water temperatures can change in a matter of minutes so I’ll have my wetsuit handy if temperatures suddenly drop to 20C. A stiff westerly breeze can blow out all the warm water and bring in cooler water from the deep, otherwise known as the up welling affect.
I’ll be racing for the first time on the Triad from Blue with a Zipp 999 set up. For my 2nd water bottle, I’ve installed a carbon fiber hydro tail from Beaker Concepts. The hydro tail is low profile and very aero. Really looking forward to it. Been having some great rides lately, so I can’t wait.

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