Ready for Nationals
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I was sitting in the Steam Room today, trying to prep for Nationals when I realized it’s been a while since I’ve raced. Last one was in Kitzbuhel, Austria on July 11th. July 11th turned out to be a cold, rainy, miserable race for me (and Team USA) that day.
Nationals are being held in Tuscaloosa, AL. Completely opposite climate than Austria…Hot, Humid, and lots of sun…just the way I like it. This is were Olympic Trials were held last year. Unfortunately at the time I haven’t accumulated enough points to participate and went on that day to win down in Mexico instead.

Fun filled week ahead. I’ll be visiting schools Friday morning, promoting Triathlon and the race. Around lunch time I’ll be hanging out with my sponsors Blue Bicycles and Zone Labs at the race expo.

This weekend will also be Age Group Nationals. Good luck to all the Age Groupers!

My Mom, Nancy Chrabot will be flying down from Virginia Beach, VA to catch all of the action. This will be her first trip to Elite Nationals.


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