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Just had the race of a lifetime yesterday in Tuscaloosa. Finally pulled off the performance I’ve been looking for all season long. The first half of the season was mainly an experiment to see how I responded to lighter training loads. No injuries, but not enough haulin’ of ass.

The setback was just a setup for a comeback!

Heading into Nationals, I took the last 5 week to really prepare and pull myself together after the mediocrity I’ve had all year. Mentally, I wanted to put as much pressure as I could on myself to perform. Racing is all about picking a few big ones out of the year and really hitting a home run. Winning Consistantly throughout the year is for the Gods of sport. Most of the rest of the top athletes in the world pick and chose their battles and aim for consistancy leading up to the big moments. I admire guys like Peter Robertson (Australia) for stepping up and nailing gold medal performances at the 2001, 2003, and 2005 World Champs. He wasn’t the best during the season, but when it mattered most he can put it all on the line and pull through. Not only that but he’s short like me.

When it came time for race week, I mentally and physically prepared the best I could that way if there were any surprises I’d be able to deal with anything that came up without over reacting and losing sight of my goals.


Off to the Chicago Triathlon!


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  1. Coastal Sports says:


    Congratulations on the National Championship!

    Keep up the hard work

    -John Martinez

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